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About Us

At Crowfoot Village Family Practice our mission is to provide outstanding care in a patient centred health home.  We are one of three clinics in Alberta to use a unique funding model, called patient based funding, to deliver care.

What is a health home? It is a service model that ensures coordinated care provided by a team of co-located health professionals aimed at improving quality of life and health outcomes for patients.

Our unique model of funding allows us to provide care to almost 25,000 patients from NW Calgary and surrounding area (that’s 30% higher than the provincial average!).    Instead of billing for each in office patient visit (called fee for service), which is what most physicians in Alberta do, we enroll a patient to our practice and Alberta Health provides us with an annual amount to provide care for each patient.  The annual amount is calculated based on age, gender and the average fee for service billings for a patient in Alberta of the same age and gender.

How does the health home model work?
  • Formal Enrollment process which establishes the relationship between patient and provider
  • Appointments available for patients in person or by phone.
  • Access to a large team of co-located professionals including: Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioner, Chronic Disease Nurse, Pharmacists, Diabetic Educators, Respiratory Educators, Dietitians and Behavioural Health Consultants.
  • Proactive care – planning in advance of appointments to ensure your lab, x-ray and diagnostic results are available when you arrive.
  • We ensure that care is customized to each patient – that includes the way we provide care (in office vs. out of office), timing of care and the health professional best suited to your needs.