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Dr. Rick Ward, Dr. Janet Reynolds, Dr. Karen Seigel, Dr. Erin Gore-Hickman, Dr. Garrett Moffatt, Wendi Keller, NP 403-539-5211

Dr. Reid McLeanwiest, Dr. Lynne Gillis, Dr. William Halliday, Dr. Ian S. Johnston 403-539-5212

Dr. Chris Bockmuehl, Dr. Julie Croteau, Dr. Brooke Miller, Dr. Karyn Richardson 403-539-5213

Dr. Wendy Stefanek, Dr. Kathleen Young, Dr. Yan Yu, Dr. Cassandra Millar 403-539-5214

Health Management Team
Pharmacist, Certified Diabetic Educator, Respiratory Therapist, Health Management Nurse, Behavioral Health Counselor
Contact Natalie 587-316-0800

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Suite 210, 600 Crowfoot Crescent NW
Calgary, Alberta T3G 0B4
Phone: 403-239-9733
Fax (toll-free): 1-833-645-9423


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