210, 600 Crowfoot Cres NW, Calgary, AB T3G 0B4
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Model of Care

At Crowfoot Village Family Practice our Mission is to provide outstanding care in a patient-centred health home.

Healthcare initiative for enhanced standard of care.

Over and above our patient’s access to specialty care or any other health services available in Calgary, our practice has a close partnership with Alberta Health and Wellness, Alberta Health Services, Calgary Zone, and many regional services are provided at CVFP.


Proactive health management means less trips to emergency services.

Since transforming our family practice in 1999, we have been uniquely successful in Alberta and we are proud of the improvements in care we have achieved. The Health Quality Council of Alberta studied ten-year outcome data on our original group of over 10,000 patients. CVFP patients visited the emergency department 13% less than the Calgary average, and were admitted to hospital 17% less than average. This is a tremendous accomplishment, related mostly to improved management of chronic conditions and improved access for urgent problems.

Experience world-class care

We are committed to the provision of high quality, patient centred care, delivered by experienced healthcare providers.